Обеспечивая инновационные решения для задач интенсивной погрузки и выгрузки, перемещения на большие и короткие расстояния, и даже комплектации заказов, электрические тележки для транспортировки поддонов с платформой NPV/NPF предлагают высочайшую производительность и комфорт. Их преимущества обеспечивают быструю, уверенную и безопасную работу в любых условиях.

Беспрецедентные решения включают систему ProRide+, которая одновременно максимально увеличивает сцепление, демпфирование и устойчивость даже на скользких, мокрых или неровных поверхностях и при поворотах. Лучшая в своем классе эргономичная рукоятка управления emPower с удобными элементами управления и выбором технологий рулевого управления обеспечивает быстрые и точно контролируемые операции.

Доступны модели со складными или фиксированными платформами, грузоподъемностью 2,0 или 2,5 т и три длины шасси на выбор. Они также могут быть оснащены литий-ионными или свинцово-кислотными аккумуляторами.

Модификации со складывающейся платформой NPV20N3 и NPV25N3, а также модификации с фиксированной платформой со входом сзади NPF20N3R и NPF25N3R отлично справляются с разнообразными задачами по погрузке, разгрузке, перегрузке и внутренней транспортировке. Модификации с фиксированной платформой с боковым входом, NPF20N3S и NPF25N3S, лучше всего подходят для внутренней транспортировки и комплектации заказов.

Более низкая стоимость

  • Fully weather-protected and impact-resistant tiller head is sealed to IP65 standard and reinforced for high durability.
  • Sealing of connectors, sensors and other key components combines with robust construction, protected display location, shock and accident avoidance, long service intervals and fast access features – including removable motor cover – to reduce maintenance needs and improve uptime.
  • Standard display includes BDI (battery discharge indicator) to help prevent damaging deep discharge and support optimal timing of battery changes.
  • Multifunctional display option offers clear information on truck and battery condition, faults and actions, and enables setting of operator IDs and PIN code access to avoid unauthorised truck use.
  • Compatibility of parts reduces stock-related costs for servicing of these and other Cat trucks.
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  • Fully integrated Li-ion technology makes continuous operation possible, without battery changes, using fast opportunity charging during short breaks. (Buyers can choose between Li-ion and lead-acid truck versions.)
  • Compact dimensions – this range includes the market’s shortest heavyduty pallet trucks – combine with easy, accurate handling to allow quick manoeuvring, even in tight spaces.
  • Market-leading lift height (220 mm) makes work easier on steep ramps and loading docks.
  • Exceptional levels of comfort, control, traction and stability keep operators alert, confident and productive, however intense their workload.
  • Three performance modes are selectable to suit individual users and applications: Pro for advanced operators and intensive operations; ECO to blend low energy consumption with high productivity; Easy for
  • learners and sensitive goods handling. (These are only available with multifunctional display option.)
  • Latest AC drive motor technology delivers higher torque and easier controllability, for top-class performance.
  • Proportional lift/lower control via rocker buttons enables quick, smooth and fine-tuned fork movements.
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  • Unique ProRide+ system is a milestone advance in power pallet truck development which solves the age-old problem of how to combine effective traction, damping and stability.
  • Unique floating drive unit design works with additional friction force from the hydraulic system to maximise drive wheel pressure and traction, so wheelspin on slippery floors is prevented and braking performance optimised.
  • Unique castor wheel design uses variable damping to minimise shocks and vibration, even on rough surfaces, and features a locking function which maintains stability during turns, with or without loads.
  • Best-in-class emPower ergonomic tiller head gives easier access to controls, with unique design achieving the market’s shortest distance between hand and lift/lower buttons.
  • Ergonomically designed tiller head operating features include optimised handle shape and cross-section, large hand space, enlarged horn and lift/lower buttons, and an optimally angled throttle wheel with seven convenient finger positions.
  • Dual controls allow easy reach with either hand and can be used accurately even when operator is wearing gloves.
  • Tiller-type power steering via a short tiller arm features a hydraulic damper and works without physical connection to the drive wheel – avoiding transmission of bumps, twists and turns, while enabling comfortable, controlled, precise manoeuvring. (Available on folding platform and rear-entry fixed platform models.)
  • Comfort Steering via a tiller head without arm – as on an electric scooter – maximises control and precision, with the aid of a damper, while avoiding shock, vibration, strain and fatigue in the operator’s hands, wrists and arms. (Available on fixed platform models.)
  • Mechanical steering option provides a long tiller arm for a simple, loweffort manoeuvring solution in less intense work environments. (Only available on NPV20N3 folding platform model.)
  • Electronic steering technology automatically adjusts sensitivity according to steered angle and truck speed, and gives resistance and feedback, for controlled travel and full confidence. (On power-steered trucks.)
  • Cornering control automatically slows truck down when turning, to maintain safe motion. (On power-steered trucks.)
  • High-comfort damping on both folding and fixed platforms minimises impacts on the knees, especially, and acts progressively with increasing operator weight, while ergonomic controls and steering further reduce effort and fatigue.
  • Unique electrically adjustable damping option on fixed platform models is optimised for each operator’s weight and preference at the touch of a button, providing a cost-effective increase in comfort.
  • Protective side bars on folding platform models are high-positioned, cushioned, comfortable, and shock-resistant, and are deployed quickly and simply – with one hand – to help avoid falls and defend against impacts.
  • Fixed platform models give extra protection and comfort, with low step height and a choice of rear and side entry barrier designs.
  • Optional foot protection system automatically slows/stops the truck if foot is outside platform. (Rear entry fixed platform models.)
  • Rugged build includes compact but heavy-duty chassis, integrated bumper and cast-iron platform to resist deformation and protect the operator.
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  • Литий-ионный или свинцово-кислотный аккумулятор
  • Рулевое управление с усилителем (стандартно с фиксированной платформой; опция со складной платформой)
  • Привод подъема рукоятки (в моделях со складной платформой)
  • Повышенная скорость движения
  • Активное снижение пробуксовки
  • Многофункциональный дисплей
  • Защитная решетка для груза
  • Быстроразъемный замок аккумулятора
  • Ролики аккумулятора

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