The NTR30N tow truck features a height adjustable tow coupling, advanced controls and a spacious compartment that make it the tow truck of choice in many applications such as the automotive industry.

Based on our award winning low-level order picker, the NTR30N tow truck benefits from a high top speed, fast acceleration and deceleration, long battery life, superb ergonomics, high maneuverability and built-in safety features which combine to provide the operator with a top quality, stress-free working environment.

Lower Cost

  • Your productivity will benefit from long service intervals of 600 hours and a service menu that features quick fault finding and fault code memory.
  • Behind the lift-off front panel, all components are within easy reach, including the simple to change, drive wheel. Everything is designed to keep maintenance downtime to only a necessary minimum, to keep the truck performing at its best.
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  • The compartment is spacious with smooth edges for easy walk through and quick, repetitive on/off access.
  • The control panel features an LCD display that keeps the operator aware of driving speed, battery discharge, errors and warnings.
  • 'F1’ style steering wheel clusters the main controls within easy reach of either hand, making ‘driving backwards’ easier.
  • Automatic drive wheel centering means the truck will always start in a straight line.
  • Short turning radius, progressive steering and automatic speed reduction in curves, ensures maximum controllability and maneuverability at any speed.
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  • ‘F1’ style steering wheel keeps all operating functions within reach of both hands, making it easy to drive ‘backwards’.
  • The complete platform acts as a deadman’s pedal allowing the driver to easily find a comfortable operating position.
  • Low step-in and spacious platform with anti-slip floor mat for quick and safe on-off access.
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  • Electric rear wheel brakes.
  • Side-mounted push-button drive controls.
  • Fold down seat for comfort when driving over longer distances.
  • 360° steering.
  • Battery changing device.
  • Customer name / logo / artwork on side panels.
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