The NSR12 - 20N/I Stacker - designed for stacking up to 6.5 metres and horizontal transport across the longer distances in your warehouse.

This compact range of stand-on stackers is ideal in stacking situations and horizontal movements up to 80 meters plus, particularly where operators need frequent and easy on-off access.

Precision engineered for fast travel and fast lifting speeds these trucks are ideal for work in aisles too narrow for reach trucks. Extendable side stabilizers (standard with Triplex masts, optional on simplex and duplex) support high residual capacity at heights of up to 6.5 meters. Where increased ground clearance is needed, when working on ramps or uneven floors, the NSR16NI Initial lift model is the answer.

The range benefits from progressive steering and automatic speed reduction in curves for improved stability at high speeds. Automatic speed reduction with increased lift height, enhances the safety of the operator, other workers in the vicinity, as well as the load and racking. These stand-on stackers are smooth, powerful and programmable to suit your applications and enable your operators to deliver the productivity you demand.

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Lower Cost
  • Smooth, progressive, with easy to use controls enhancing operator concentration leading to better shift productivity.
  • AC-drive technology means longer service intervals, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) incorporates lift cut-out for battery protection.
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