Designed for efficient pallet transport, the NPV20ND power pallet truck allows two pallets to be moved simultaneously.

This truck makes it ideal for the loading and unloading of lorries as it has the ability to stack two layers of pallets on top of each other.
Featuring a compact duplex mast for optimal forward visibility, the NPV20ND offers two lift heights of 1600 and 2000 mm, with a total load capacity of 2000 kg (1000 kg on each set of forks).

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Lower Cost
  • Sturdy chassis construction and endurance-tested forks provide enhanced robustness and reliability in even the toughest conditions.
  • Sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion - increasing uptime, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging truck life.
  • Easy access to critical truck components allows faster fault diagnosis and speedier maintenance, squeezing downtime still further.
  • Integrated drive and lift system features fewer components than previous models, reducing scope for breakdown.
  • Dust shielded load wheels help extend life of wheel bearings.
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