Designed for medium and long distance movements as well as vehicle loading/unloading, the NPV range of power pallet trucks has a fold-down operator platform that takes all of the hard work out of transporting loads.

Operators will enjoy the smooth and precise control characteristics, the comfortable platform area and the extremely low noise levels. Fleet managers will appreciate the water and dirt-resistant construction, the NPV’s all-round robustness and reliability and the energy-saving programmable drive options. Maintenance engineers will love the easy access to all the major truck parts and the reduced component count that results from the integrated drive and lift system. And health and safety managers will be impressed with the high ground clearance, the tapered fork tips and the excellent stability provided by the linked suspension castor wheels.

The NPV20N2 is a highly capable 2.0 tonne machine for medium and heavy-duty handling applications, yet still small enough and sufficiently manoeuvrable for work in the back of a goods vehicle. The more muscular NPF25N2 has a 2.5 tonne lift capacity and more powerful battery for heavier loads and even more intensive work.

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Lower Cost
  • Sturdy chassis construction and endurance-tested forks provide enhanced robustness and reliability in even the toughest conditions.
  • Sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion - increasing uptime, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging truck life.
  • Easy access to critical truck components allows faster fault diagnosis and speedier maintenance, squeezing downtime still further.
  • Integrated drive and lift system features fewer components than previous models, reducing scope for breakdown (NPV20N2).
  • Closed compartment with steel cover protects battery against impact, postponing costly battery replacement (NPV20N2).
  • Standard battery size allows interchangeability (NPV20N2).
  • Dust shielded load wheels help extend life of wheel bearings.
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