Ideally suited to first and second level operations, these low-level order pickers provide unrivalled productivity and excellent ergonomics with minimal whole-life costs - whatever the warehouse environment.

Designed to give operators the highest levels of comfort and control while delivering the most efficient possible operation and the greatest possible uptime, the NO10-20NE(P)/NEX(P)/NEF(P) will help fleet managers reduce picking times, cutting the costs associated with picking and raising warehouse throughput.

With a range of six models that include load capacities of 1.0-2.0 tonnes, rising forks and a rising operator platform, as well as different fork lengths to cater for up to 2 europallets or three roll containers at once, this range provides an order picker to suit every low-level application. Excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability make this range of trucks extremely productive, alongside a whole host of features designed to boost productivity still further.

From the option to tailor truck performance to individual operators’ ability to the inclusion of an anti-slip floor mat and high backrest, everything about this range of trucks will help keep drivers, loads and other warehouse users safe and secure at all times. Built to withstand the demanding operating environment typical of today’s warehouses, these trucks have been designed to carry on working for as long as possible, with lengthy maintenance intervals and short servicing times.

Lower Cost

  • Latest AC technology allows longer service intervals and reduces maintenance costs.
  • ‘Service’ and ‘fault code’ memory functions make for faster troubleshooting by service engineers.
  • Easy access to critical truck components results in speedier maintenance, squeezing downtime still further.
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  • AC motor provides smooth, continuous power and precise drive control, making life easier for truck operators.
  • Excellent acceleration and manoeuvrability result in substantial increase in picking productivity over previous models.
  • Smooth, progressive, easy-to-use controls make truck control effortless, keeping operators focused on the task at hand.
  • Lever on steering wheel raises lifting platform to pick height of 2500mm and steering wheel rises with platform (NO20NEP/NO10NEFP/NO20NEXP).
  • Foot-operated button saves time by letting operators lower the platform with their hands full.
  • Platform and forks can both be raised while driving, reducing cycle times to a minimum.
  • LCD display provides all key operating information at a glance including drive speed and battery discharge level.
  • Built-in rollers cut the time required for battery changeover.
  • Rounded fork tips and tandem load wheels encourage smooth pallet entry whatever the angle, speeding up handling cycles and preventing pallet or load damage.
  • Operator compartment features class-leading space and chamfered corners, making it quick and easy to pass through the truck.
  • Presence detection system uses entire floor mat, cutting the time taken to detect operators and start work.
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  • Adjustable, automotive-style steering wheel allows instinctive control with all operating functions within reach of one hand.
  • Automatic steering wheel centring prevents truck from moving off in an unexpected direction.
  • Progressive electric steering gives very precise truck control, even at speed.
  • ‘Ergolift’ function brings load carrier to perfect height for picking, avoiding unnecessary bending or stretching by operators (NO10NEF/NO20NEX).
  • Bright white LED front lights with turn signal function ensure truck operators can see and be seen, even in gloomiest surroundings.
  • Automatic speed reduction in curves ensures safe cornering and stable load handling.
  • Maximum truck speed of 12km/h automatically limited according to load weight.
  • Low step height and wide entrance reduce the risk of slips or trips when mounting/dismounting.
  • Generously proportioned operator compartment with high backrest and anti-slip floor mat keeps drivers safe and comfortable at all times.
  • Floor mat presence detection system ensures operator is correctly positioned before truck moves off.
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  • Walk-by-side drive and fork lift buttons.
  • Transparent picking list/terminal holder.
  • Rubber bumper.
  • Folding seat (NO20NE, NO10NEF, NO20NEX).
  • Range of fork lengths to suit different pallet and container types.
  • 360° electric steering (NO20NE, NO10NEF, NO20NEX).
  • Storage tray for picked goods (NO20NEP/NO10NEFP/NO20NEXP).
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