The narrower the aisle, the higher the racking, the cheaper the cost of storage... welcome to the Cat range of high level order pickers.

Each a masterpiece of reach and operating flexibility, designed to help keep your picking costs to a minimum. Cat high-level order pickers provide more pick faces per given floor space in the narrowest of aisles.
A supplementary lift function also enables the pallet height to be adjusted as the load is gathered to minimize operator effort and increase picking efficiency. The heavy-duty model ‘H’ incorporates a bigger more powerful battery and gives lifting heights up to 9 meters.

As with all Cat lift trucks, a great deal of care and attention has been applied to the NOH10N-NH to ensure that this range offers state of the art features which will allow your work force to go about daily routines with total confidence and peace of mind.

Easy servicing and maintenance is vital for maximising up time and reducing total cost of ownership. Longer service intervals and easy access components minimise downtime, maximise productivity and contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

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Lower Cost
  • A market leading 11.5 metre picking height and fast lowering and travel speeds improve throughput and reduce cycle times, contributing directly to bottom line profits. The NOH10N/NH models are designed for high stability and feature excellent residual capacities.
  • AC power gives these trucks excellent levels of performance with minimal maintenance requirements. These trucks are available in 24V (NOH10N) or high performance 48V (NOH10NH) configurations.
  • A variety of optional features and programmable performance allows for customization to each users’ requirements, ensuring maximum return from your investment.
  • Low service costs due to long service interval, reliable, tested components, easy access, quick fault finding, good access to major components and AC technology.
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