Ideal for indoor applications, the GCN range of gas powered forklift trucks are notable for their high performance and excellent fuel economy.

Compact and versatile in tight quarters, these gas powered forklift trucks display impressive residual capacities in high lift applications. The compact dimensions ensure that this range offers an easy to operate solution, even in confined spaces.

Lower Cost

  • Informative display panel reduces costly, unscheduled downtime.
  • Easy to access engine allows for quick, easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Rugged mast offers good visibility, while tapered fork bars allow good visibility through the carriage.
  • Hydraulic cushioning on Triplex masts reduces the risk of load damage.
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  • Powered by a proven engine giving smooth, quiet performance and high torque at low speeds - essential for handling heavy loads.
  • Electronically-controlled VORTEC® induction system optimizes fuel and air mixture to give efficient low-end power.
  • Short wheelbase and a small turning radius give good maneuverability.
  • STR models feature extra-heavy counterweights. This permits a short turning radius, giving greater maneuverability and rearward visibility.
  • Vacuum-boosted brake system for easy operation.
  • 3.5 - 5.5 tonne models feature a single speed power shift transmission, while 6.0 - 7.0 tonne models feature a two-speed automatic transmission.
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  • An open-step frame and easy-to-reach grab bar allow easy entry and exit.
  • Noise reduction and vibration damping, reducing operator fatigue.
  • Adjustable, full suspension seat enhances operator comfort by resisting shock and vibration from rough and uneven surfaces.
  • Adjustable tilt able steering column gives improved operator comfort.
  • The hydraulic controls allow precise, short-throw operation.
  • The seat activated transmission interlock system disengages the drive function if the operator leaves the seat.
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  • Speed limit options.
  • Foot directional control.
  • Double element cyclone air cleaner.
  • Non marking tires.
  • Dust proof kit for hydraulic tank and pump.
  • Rear view mirror.
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GC35K3500500GM V6 LP Gas
GC40K4000500GM V6 LP Gas
GC40K STR4000500GM V6 LP Gas
GC45K SWB4500600GM V6 LP Gas
GC45K STR4500600GM V6 LP Gas
GC55K5500600GM V6 LP Gas
GC55K STR5500600GM V6 LP Gas
GC60K6000600GM V6 LP Gas
GC70K7000600GM V6 LP Gas
GC70K STR7000600GM V6 LP Gas
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