Ideal for indoor applications, the GCN range of forklift trucks are notable for their high performance and excellent fuel economy.

Compact and versatile in tight quarters these lift trucks display impressive residual capacities in high lift applications.
The GC20-33N features a state-of-the-art LPG engine, engine management system and regulated catalytic converter offer improved performance, lower noise and emission levels and more efficient fuel consumption.
Design improvements have also extended the service interval to 500 hours to further reduce the total cost of ownership.

Lower Cost

  • Design improvements have extended the service interval to 500 hours, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Vehicle Control Unit controls various safety functions and allows easy troubleshooting of all electronic components.
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  • State-of-the-art LPG engine with engine management system, on-the-fly timing adjustment, and regulated catalytic converter for improved performance, lower noise levels and lower emission.
  • Special powertrain layout to lower the centre of gravity, increasing truck stability and residual lifting capacities, resulting in higher efficiency.
  • Several components are designed to prevent down-time: active engine protection system prevents damage caused by overheat; solid-state distributor-less ignition system (longer life time); square-wave fin radiator has perfect cooling capacity while reducing clogging; the single-piece cast drive axle housing is leak-free and durable.
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  • Safety seat switch prevents truck operation when the operator is not seated; the hydraulic lift and tilt functions are disabled, the transmission is disengaged and the parking brake alarm sounds.
  • Low noise levels which increase operator comfort.
  • Low vibrations: rubber mounted engine, transmission, exhaust, steer axle, hydraulic controls and mast cylinders.
  • Quality seat.
  • Automotive style pedal layout.
  • Adjustable steering column with memory position for comfortable operations.
  • Good visibility: low-profile counterweight design gives good visibility when driving reverse; narrow mast channels and improved positioning of hoses and chains give good visibility on the load.
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  • Additional working lights and revolving lamps.
  • Elevated exhaust.
  • Dual front wheels.
  • Integral side shifter.
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GC20N2000500K25 LP Gas
GC25N2500500K25 LP Gas
GC28N2750500K25 LP Gas
GC30N3000500K25 LP Gas
GC33N2950600K25 LP Gas
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