NSV16N NI NS platform stackers - designed for stacking up to 5.4 meters and horizontal transport.

The fold-down platform and the fold-out side guards (standard on the 1.6 tonnes) on this stacker provide excellent operator stability and allow increased speeds when turning, making these trucks ideal for stacking applications over longer distances.
The range can handle loads up to 1.6 tonnes and in pedestrian mode, the platform folds flat against the chassis to aid maneuverability even in the tightest spaces. Initial lift ‘I’ models, NSV16NI, are designed for driving on ramps and uneven floors and for handling two loads simultaneously.

Straddle ‘S’ models, NSV16NS, enable the handling of wider loads and bottom boarded pallets. With a choice of fixed load legs from 1124 mm until 1524 mm, these stacker trucks can easily be matched to meet your needs. These platform stackers use the same AC technology and tiller arm as other Cat Lift Trucks’ warehouse equipment, making it easy for operators to switch between trucks without affecting performance.

Lower Cost

  • Smooth, progressive, with easy to use controls enhancing operator concentration leading to better shift productivity.
  • AC-drive technology means longer service intervals, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) incorporates lift cut-out for battery protection.
  • Durable chassis and mast construction.
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  • Ideal for work in narrow aisles, these stackers are precision engineered for fast travel and fast lifting speeds that guarantee high productivity lifting loads up to 5400mm (with Triplex mast).
  • Initial lift models for increased ground clearance, making the truck suitable for working on ramps.
  • The powerful AC based traction motor is sealed against dust and water splashes and features optimum torque for excellent acceleration, traction, speed and regenerative braking.
  • Strong regenerative braking speeds up work cycles, reduces heat build-up in the motor and protects components from premature wear, giving better energy efficiency.
  • Fast acceleration, drive speed of 9 km/h (1.6 tonnes model) and excellent manouverability giving high productivity.
  • LCD display with all relevant information (Drive wheel direction, driving speed, battery discharge, errors and warnings, service access).
  • Tapered fork tips for easy pallet entry, when approaching at an angle.
  • High residual capacity makes the truck suitable for most loads.
  • Good service access allows for reduced down time.
  • Many options available to adapt the truck to its application.
  • Wider castor wheels for improved stability on greater lift heights.
  • Proportional controlled hydraulics allow sensitive load handling.
  • Programmable features for driver.
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  • The poweRamic mast affords excellent overall visibility for safe operation and precise load handling.
  • Ergonomic and durable tiller arm with all functions within easy reach.
  • Suspended drivers platform for driver comfort.
  • Wide platform for stable standing position.
  • Side bars for additional safety on NSV16N models.
  • Minimal ground clearance for improved safety.
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  • Various fork lengths and widths.
  • Side plates can be customised.
  • Various mast types (duplex, triplex with or without freelift).
  • PIN code startup with programmable features.
  • Choice of different wheel materials.
  • Lift height indicator.
  • Load weight indicator.
  • Internal charger.
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