The more storage per square meter, the higher the picking costs; so it pays to specify the right low-level order pickers (LLOP) trucks for your precise needs.

These Cat LLOP trucks come with both rising platform and rising forks options (NOL10NF) for added order picking flexibility. The NOL10NV also features manual fork positioning for load handling of different widths. All models also feature free ranging forks to handle bottom boarded pallets.

The NOL10NV low-level order pickers also features manual fork positioning for load handling of different widths. All models also feature free ranging forks to handle bottom boarded pallets. The platform and forks are raised independently, so the operator can always keep the pallet or picking cage at a comfortable working distance. These essential features greatly enhance productivity in high intensity and repetitive picking patterns.

As with all Cat lift trucks, a great deal of care and attention has been applied to ensure that this LLOP truck range offers state of the art features which will allow your work force to go about daily routines with total confidence and peace of mind.

Easy servicing and maintenance is vital for maximising up time and reducing total cost of ownership. Longer service intervals and easy access components minimise downtime, maximise productivity and contribute to a lower total cost of ownership.

Lower Cost

  • Smooth, progressive, easy to use controls and comfortable, adjustable seats enhance operator concentration leading to better shift productivity.
  • AC-drive technology means longer service intervals, reducing the total cost of ownership.
  • Battery discharge indicator (BDI) incorporates lift cut-out for battery protection.
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  • First and second level order picking applications.
  • NOL10NV has variable width across the forks.
  • NOL10NF features ‘Ergolift’ to position the picking pallet at a comfortable working height.
  • Platform lift to 1150 mm.
  • Fast acceleration and excellent maneuverability giving high productivity.
  • Standard PIN code start-up, and driver specific settings.
  • Counterbalanced nature of the truck's design gives a short turning circle and exceptional manoeuvrability.
  • Regenerative braking feeds power back into the battery.
  • No support legs allows for picking on all kinds of load carriers.
  • LCD display with all relevant information (Drive wheel direction, driving speed, battery discharge, errors and warnings, service access).
  • Large battery for longer shift-life.
  • Battery roller as standard for quick battery change.
  • Quick troubleshooting for engineer through service menu and fault code memory.
  • Features an intuitive, easy to navigate driver’s menu and easy to operate controls.
  • Standard pick list holder.
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  • Automatic steering wheel centering.
  • Walk-by-side drive buttons, with in-built safety features.
  • Ergonomically designed 360° electric steering gives precise control at speed.
  • Proportional lifting and lowering of the platform gives greater operator comfort.
  • Low step-in and good on-off access.
  • Service counter indicating “time to next scheduled maintenance”.
  • Rubber anti-slip mat.
  • Spacious operator platform.
  • Automatic speed reduction in curves, for safe and secure handling.
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  • Rubber bumper.
  • Key switch instead of PIN code.
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