Designed to handle intensive applications and harsh environments, where you would normally expect to use IC engine machines, these powerful high capacity electric forklift trucks offer a clean and extremely efficient alternative.

These high capacity electric forklifts are ideal for both outdoor and indoor operation and are able to use a variety of heavy attachments. There is sure to be a configuration within this high capacity electric forklift range of models, capacities, chassis sizes and options to meet your exact needs.

Typical applications:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing and wholesale
  • Paper and pulp
  • Saw mills
  • Furniture
  • Steel works and foundries
  • Ports
  • Carpet manufacturing and wholesale
  • Chemicals, textiles and rubber
  • Machinery and heavy equipment
  • Automotive assembly
  • Building and construction

Lower Cost

  • Compact component layout minimises material costs and increases efficiency.
  • Premium display ensures operator awareness of truck status, through clear, simple, informative readouts, encouraging correct use and maintenance.
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  • Intelligent design reduces energy consumption by up to 25%, allowing non-stop operation and extended shifts.
  • The industry’s most advanced AC control system delivers smooth, precise operation and minimises the risk of operator error.
  • ECO and PRO pack options match the truck to its application, providing the appropriate performance-enhancing features and avoiding excessive wear of components.
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  • Ergonomic adapter option for battery installation and locking allows quick, easy and safe exchanges.
  • Added operator protection features give automated assistance to the user, including access control, drive and lift control, curve control and an automatic parking brake, for safe, smooth, easy operation.
  • Automatic parking brake is applied to hold the truck safely in position, particularly on ramps.
  • Drive and lift control smoothly reduces travel speed to a safe level when the forks are elevated.
  • Curve control automatically adjusts drive speed, in proportion to the steering angle, for safe cornering.
  • Access control prevents use of the truck if the seat belt is not correctly fastened.
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  • Battery exchange adapter.
  • ECO and PRO packs.
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EP40C 24000500Impulse / AC Electric
EP40 24000500Impulse / AC Electric
EP45C 24500500Impulse / AC Electric
EP45 24500500Impulse / AC Electric
EP50 24990500Impulse / AC Electric
EP40S 24000600Impulse / AC Electric
EP50S 25000600Impulse / AC Electric
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