Diseñada para el transporte eficiente de palets, la NPV20ND permite el movimiento de dos palets simultáneamente. Esto hace que sea ideal para la carga y descarga de camiones ya que puede apilar los palets a dos alturas, uno encima del otro.

Con el mástil duplex para una óptima visión frontal, la NPV20ND tiene dos alturas de elevación, de 1600 y 2000 mm, con una capacidad total de carga de 2000 kg. (1000 kg. en cada pareja de horquillas).

Bajo Costes

  • Sturdy chassis construction and endurance-tested forks provide enhanced robustness and reliability in even the toughest conditions.
  • Sealed chassis and waterproof electrics resist moisture, dirt and corrosion - increasing uptime, cutting maintenance costs and prolonging truck life.
  • Easy access to critical truck components allows faster fault diagnosis and speedier maintenance, squeezing downtime still further.
  • Integrated drive and lift system features fewer components than previous models, reducing scope for breakdown.
  • Dust shielded load wheels help extend life of wheel bearings.
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  • AC motor results in very precise drive control, for easier operation.
  • Ergonomic tiller arm helps keep operators fresh with comfortable, easy to use controls.
  • Excellent drive and traction characteristics suit intensive work over medium and long distances.
  • Programmable controller lets users prioritise between faster performance and smoother handling with lower energy consumption, prolonging shift life.
  • Tapered fork tips make for accurate and effortless pallet entry, speeding up handling cycles and preventing pallet or load damage.
  • Truck can be driven with tiller arm in vertical position in ultra-low-speed mode to maximise manoeuvrability.
  • Double pallet handling capability halves the number of movements required.
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  • Low step height for mounting/dismounting without effort.
  • Strong folding sidebars protect and support operators at all times.
  • Super-quiet oil-filled transmission helps keep noise levels low.
  • Optional large lift and lower levers allow easy, one-handed control, even with gloves.
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  • Pallet entry/exit rollers.
  • Load backrest.
  • Lateral battery exchange system.
  • Pin code access.
  • Cold store modification class III for environments down to -35°C.
  • Large lift/lower levers.
  • Electric power steering.
  • Fixed platform.
  • Load weight indicator.
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