Nuestra gama de carretillas elevadoras térmicas ofrece un excelente equilibrio entre potencia y rendimiento con la ventaja del bajo consumo de combustible, por lo que su utilización es sencilla y económica.

Son carretillas perfectas para aplicaciones industriales, por la excelente tracción en superficies inclinadas o resbaladizas y sus ruedas superelásticas que permiten al operador disfrutar de un confort extraordinario. El sistema de aviso integrado y los sencillos procedimientos de mantenimiento garantizan el funcionamiento continuo de la carretilla con unos costes mínimos.

Los modelos DP están equipados con potentes motores diésel S4Q2 y S4S de tipo industrial, fiables y de fácil mantenimiento, con emisiones reducidas y bajo consumo de combustible.

Costes Bajos

  • Modern design techniques in combination with long component life result in a long service interval which reduces total cost of ownership.
  • Vehicle Control Module manages various truck and operator functions, allowing easy troubleshooting and pinpointing of problems.
  • LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation, maintenance state and soot level (diesel) - with indication of service requirements to prevent unexpected downtime and costs due to unscheduled servicing and repairs.
  • LED front work lights and front/rear combination lights reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs.
  • Robust and durable chassis is fitted with full belly guard to protect engine compartment from dust, water and dirt.
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  • Fully floating powertrain layout lowers centre of gravity, increases truck stability and maximises residual lifting capacities.
  • Reliable, high performance, electronically controlled Stage V diesel engine delivers low emission levels with low fuel consumption.
  • Compact design means this range is also suitable for use in aisles with tight spaces.
  • Mast carriage features six bearings, increasing durability and lifting speed, while powerful hydraulic system offers high residual capacities for easy handling of heavier loads.
  • Optional factory-fitted panel cabin keeps the elements out, without compromising visibility, combining form and function in a design which keeps the truck performing in the most extreme of temperatures and in wet environments.
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  • Presence Detection System (PDS) prevents truck operation when operator is not seated.
  • Low noise levels combine with the ergonomic and comfortable Grammer seat to help maintain operator concentration and reduce fatigue during long shifts.
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls are mounted on a fully adjustable armrest for optimum load handling and easy manoeuvrability.
  • Automotive-style pedal layout allows easy and comfortable operation.
  • Adjustable steering column with memory position can be set according to operator’s preference for comfortable operation.
  • Low step in chassis enables easy on and off access.
  • Good all-round visibility and ergonomic layout of all controls improves comfort and minimises operator fatigue.
  • Hand grip mounted at the rear of the overhead guard, with a horn button, increases safety and reduces back strain and fatigue in applications involving repetitive reversing.
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  • Dust proof kitLine filter for torque converter
  • Tilt cylinder boot kit
  • Lifting eyes mounted on counter weight
  • 3-way control valve FC
  • 4-way control valve MC
  • 4-way control valve FC
  • Loose mast
  • Lifting eye for mast
  • Heavy Load side roller (*Cannot be combined with an integral sideshifter)
  • Side shifter 1000 mm
  • Integral side shifter 1000 mm
  • Fork deletion
  • Indicator kit
  • LED rear work light
  • Rotating beacon (orange)
  • Strobe light (orange)
  • Grammer MSG 65 Cloth seat
  • Rear view mirrors (not available with Deluxe Cabin)
  • Deluxe Cabin
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Solid pneumatic dual drive tyres
  • Pneumatic dual drive tyres
  • Double element air cleaner
  • Elevated exhaust
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