These larger engine powered models are designed for heavy duty applications and are the natural choice for use in ports, construction, freight, and metal and brick operations. With exceptional endurance and power they effortlessly handle the most difficult and heavy loads even when operating at full capacity.

The GP40-GP55N models are equipped with a GCT GK45 LPG engine with standard catalytic converter that delivers good performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions, as well as low noise and vibration levels.

  • The spacious operator compartment, combined with powerful performance, results in an operator who is comfortable, alert and productive during long shifts.
  • These rugged lift trucks provide excellent horsepower and torque while meeting EPA and CARB requirements for carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxide (NOx)
  • emissions.
  • The GCT GK45 petrol engines work in the toughest conditions, while offering excellent fuel economy and low noise and vibration.
  • With 500 hour service intervals, display-based indicators and reminders and easy access to service components, you can count on maximizing uptime and lowering maintenance costs
  • with your Cat lift truck.

  • This lift truck thrives in lumber, cement, pipe and heavy-duty applications where its strength can effectively be put to the test.
  • The standard premium LED/LCD display provides a number of productivity enhancing tools to the operator.
  • Features such as an operator passcode system and maintenance interval reminders help ensure that the truck is running at peak performance.
  • A standard engine protection system (EPS) monitors performance and helps protect the system from damage.
  • The standard two-speed forward, one-speed reverse transmission gives you the power and control you need to handle the toughest loads.

  • The dependable Presence Detection System (PDS) and excellent visibility help protect your operator and equipment.
  • Operators of varying sizes can work long shifts comfortably in the standard full-suspension seat.
  • Narrow mast channels and open overhead guard helps improve operator visibility to the load and surroundings.
  • Standard LED work lights illuminate the work area while providing significant maintenance savings over traditional halogen or incandescent lights.

  • An optional swivel seat and rear grab handle with horn button is available for high-shuttle applications.
  • Fingertip hydraulic controls.
  • Panel cabs for harsh environments.
  • ProShift™ provides additional protection against transmission wear.
  • Oil-cooled disc brakes.
  • Attachments.
  • Foundry and brick protection.
  • Specialty tyres.

GP40N1 4000 500 GCT GK45 LPG
GP45N1 4500 500 GCT GK45 LPG
GP50CN1 5000 500 GCT GK45 LPG
GP50N1 5000 600 GCT GK45 LPG
GP55N1 5500 600 GCT GK45 LPG

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