Uncompromising performance

The diesel models have the power to cope with the challenge of outdoor conditions and demanding duty cycles, whilst the LPG models are flexible enough for use both indoors and outdoors. The range of 1.5 to 5.5 tonne engine powered trucks includes many features that make them even more dependable, cheaper to run, simpler to maintain and easier to use, which means greater productivity – and profitability – for you.

  • The diesel models trucks are equipped with the 3.3L S4S diesel engine, designed to provide power and reliability in even the most demanding applications. It has a long history of proven success in lift truck applications.
  • These trucks are equipped with The Vehicle Control Module (VCM) that controls a number of input and output signals from the truck ensuring safe and smooth use of truck
  • functionalities.
  • LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance state. It also indicates service requirements to prevent unexpected down time and cost due to
  • unscheduled maintenance and service.
  • Displayed reminders and fault indicators encourage regular servicing and immediate attention to maintain efficiency and avoid damage.
  • Easy and quick access to all areas for routine checks and maintenance keeps truck in sound working condition, saves time and reduces expense.
  • Pass code system prevents unauthorised use.

  • Latest engine technology provides impressive levels of power.
  • Electronic Direction Control Allows an easy shift between forward and reverse for smooth acceleration and easier direction changes.
  • Hydraulic Power Steering minimizes the effort needed to smoothly steer the lift truck, providing more operator control and maneuverability.
  • Separate Brake and Inching Pedals features a two-pedal system to simultaneously apply the brakes and disengage the clutch to inch the truck forward.

  • Narrow mast channels and open overhead guard design give a clear view of the load and surroundings.
  • Low-maintenance LED working lights help the operator to see and be seen.
  • Premium LED/LCD display panel offers valuable on-the-go information and warnings to aid operator awareness and control.
  • Adjustable seat ensures comfort for operators of all sizes through the longest of shifts.
  • Spacious floor area with cushioned rubber mat and ergonomic through-the-floor pedals provides a comfortable, strain-free operating environment.
  • The Presence Detection System (PDS) activates if the operator is not in the normal operating position, and electronically discontinues powered-travel movement and activation of loadhandling
  • functions.

  • Engine protection system.
  • Rear grab handle with horn button.
  • Foot-operated direction control.
  • Swing-down LPG tank bracket.
  • Foundry and brick adaptation.
  • Specialised tyres.
  • Square-fin dust/fibre-resistant radiator.
  • Fully closed cabins with additional accessories.

DP20NM 2000 500 S4S Diesel
DP25NM 2500 500 S4S Diesel
DP30NM 3000 500 S4S Diesel
DP35NM 3500 500 S4S Diesel

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